Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The Theory of "Azeris as Turkified Iranians"

The theory of "Azeris as Turkified Iranians" is based on the following assumptions:

  • Mongols invaded Iran
  • Mongols are "Turks"
  • Mongols "forced" Azeri language on Azeris
  • Azeris "forgot" to speak Persian and instead speak Azeri language
  • Azeris are "Persians"
  • If an Azeri only speaks Persian language then the Azeri is "De-Turkified" and turns into a "Persian"
  • Azeris in Tehran who speak fluent Persian language are "Persians"
There are several problems with this theory.
  • Mongols are not turks and do not speak Azeri language. Azeri language is not related to any mongolian language.
  • Azeris look similar to Anatolian Turks. Are Anatolian turks also "Persians" who have been turkified???
  • The theory is correct if applied to Gogoosh who is a Persian looking Azeri. She is ethnically Persian. But the majority of Azeris do not look like Persians and look like Anatolian Turks such as Shirin Ebadi. Therefore they are really turks.
This is a genetic chart of Azeris in Iran. As you see Azeris are related to Turkey. The Chart is mislabeled as "Iranians". It should read Azeris in Iran.

This map shows the target areas in Iran for the Policy of Turkification for the first stage. It includes most of oil rich areas of Iran from Caspian to Persian Gulf. It also targets where Persians and Lurs, Gilak and Mazandarani and others have lived since ancient times.


azeri said...

comics from a cavern kurd!!

Anonymous said...

Azeri "turks" think they are this perfect race. They go around saying that Iranians who speak Persian, but look white are Azeri but they see an actual Azeri (googoosh) but since googoosh looks "Persian" she's not a real Azeri? Some time in history, turks got the idea into their minds that they are Europeans and that they have to look white... Their ideas are similar to hitlers nazi ideologies! Yet us Persians are the fascists?